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Activities for Young at Heart 

Aligned with specific needs of the seniors, Shantiniketan Senior Living provides seniors with a wide vista of choices for spending their time fruitfully. A perfect abode that is tailor made to ensure the complete physical, social and most importantly, the psychological & spiritual well being of the seniors.


Outdoor Activities

Festival Celebration

To ensure harmonization with the new environment, necessary arrangements for support services have been made so as to generate a feeling of community living and a sense of belonging.

At Shantiniketan there is no time for loneliness. There is the richness of novel experiences and the realization of dreams with joy.  The seniors will have the freedom to spend time at their will and leisure. They can engage in spiritual and religious activities to soothe their soul.

  • Seminars/ Lectures on relevant health topics like heart-care, knee-care, diabetes, nutrition etc.

  • Discourse by religious leaders

  • Gala celebration of Indian festivals

  • Hindi and English Movie Shows

  • Picnic/ Religious day trips

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